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Meet Shawn!

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About Shawn

My DJ Background

What I Love About DJing

My Favorite Music

I came to being a DJ a little backwards from most DJs. I actually started my career as a stage Master of Ceremonies. I was hired to guide, direct and energize groups as they moved through various activities at an event. I quickly learned that I was on an island and the DJ played a critical role in my success as the Master of Ceremonies. I started to learn more about the impact the music made on the attendees and more specifically how the music could elevate moments. A great song choice and a timely music drop could help take the audience from up a notch! I began assisting my DJs in the planning and timing of how the music would interact with my role as the Master of Ceremonies. I fell in love with both and now have had the honor of being the DJ + Master of Ceremonies for over 1500 Weddings during my career.

There are so many things that I have loved about being a DJ. It’s been my entire life’s work! I get to be part of families celebrating life’s biggest milestones...Wedding’s, Birthday’s, Anniversary Parties, Graduations, Retirements and more. I get to see people gather, mix, mingle, reminisce and dance. It’s about creating an experience that is not only fun, but also nostalgic. I love to elevate the guests experience and to be the conduit for the ultimate soundtrack that keeps everyone dancing all night long!

My favorite music tends to be the older and timeless classics. The music of the 60s, 70s and 80s were impactful since I was born in 73'. I have built up a wide range of interests and knowledge since my career started in 1994. My own personal interest is broad and includes Pop, Country, Motown and 70s. I love Def Leppard and really love listening to most types of music. My role is to provide the right soundtrack with the right mix of music and artists that represent the audience in front of me. I pride myself on collaborating well with my clients so I can create a seamless and timeless mix of great tunes for the crowd.

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