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Meet Robby!

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About Robby

My DJ Background

What I Love About DJing

My Favorite Music

I grew up playing guitar, with an eclectic affinity for pop punk (Blink-182, New Found Glory) and Hendrix-style blues playing (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Mayer). Without a band in college, I combined my loves of performance, vinyl, hip hop, and parties to get into DJing. I began to DJ for the parties my roommates and I would throw. We built a bar for our apartment and it was not unusual to come to one of our parties and see me mixing drinks behind the bar between mixing songs on my turntables. After graduating with my MAT from the University of Portland, I became a high school teacher in Arizona and got out of DJing for a while. Once I moved back home and was hired at Banks High School, I critiqued the DJs at school dances with my seniors, who encouraged me to DJ their senior prom. My seniors enjoyed that prom more than any dance before, and I haven’t stopped DJing our school dances since. I’ve been DJing professionally since 2016, doing school dances, birthday parties, club events, and weddings.

I’ve always enjoyed being in control of the party, no matter what the party may be. I love music, from making it, to mixing it, to dancing to it, to listening to it, to studying it. Being a high school teacher, I also enjoy controlling the energy in a room full of people. My daily job is to entertain and captivate the minds of 17 to 18-year-olds so they can learn the concepts of language, writing, and literature. I have found I can control the energy at events as well with music and my personality on a mic. I like to see people laugh and have a good time, something that makes weddings so special, and something I excel at.

I have very eclectic tastes in music and can identify with songs from all genres. I have a have a deep love for all things disco, funk, soul, and electro. I’m also an enthusiast for all things electronic, from newer EDM genres like trap and big room to French and classic house. I enjoy hip hop, from old-school to trap, crunk, and ratchet music, and I keep up on current pop music trends. Due to my English major nature and historical curiosity, I study all genres to know where current music came from and how past music has influenced modern music. This has made me well versed in both the classics and current hits and gives me a vast back catalog to link songs both old and new together in creative ways. It also allows me to genre-hop while keeping a connection between songs, allowing transitions to flow freely and smoothly.

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