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Meet Preston!

DJ Preston Video Interview





About Preston

My DJ Background

What I Love About DJing

My Favorite Music

The infancy of my DJing journey began as a child when I begged my father to let me learn how to scratch records on his Technics. Sadly, he declined, but it didn’t stop me from ruining his records when he wasn’t home. In 2017, after being reinspired by watching live DJing on YouTube, I picked up a small DJ controller, alongside a beginners DJ course from an online training site. I quickly began to feel like a fish in water and couldn’t wait to share my love of music with the world! Shortly thereafter, I began to perform at my employers office in Portland as much as possible. I DJ’d company events (during and after work) for my employer and even on my lunch hour (in the lunchroom or on top of the roof of the building). This newfound freedom of expression and positivity was absolutely life changing for me in the best way possible. After a few years of DJing for fun, the pandemic hit. The events and lunch hour sessions stopped in the office, but continued virtually for me in my home's garage until the last day of the company's history. I have continued my DJing journey via Facebook event groups and word of mouth from friends and family. Through those resources, I’ve booked several weddings, a 40th birthday party at Forte in Portland and even a graduation party for nurses from Pioneer Pacific College. After booking Event Team Entertainment for my wedding and being impressed by their services, I asked how I could get into DJing as a career. The DJ connected me with Shawn (the owner of Event Team Entertainment) and the rest is history. In 2023, I’ll be training and apprenticing with Shawn, Robby, and Colin to calibrate my DJ and Master of Ceremonies skills to perfection! I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to join the ETE family and very excited to officially start my professional DJ journey.

There is no greater experience in life than being a DJ in tune with their audience. When you can put on a song that the crowd has never heard before, but is singing the chorus by the end, you’ve accomplished your mission as a DJ. Another would be mixing in the perfect track with the one I’m currently playing to bring the party to a euphoric state. My personal favorite is bringing together the current generation and past generations. When executed properly, there is no divide in the crowd, only connection and love. Being able to control the energy, the emotion, the ambiance of a party with the music I play is one of the most exciting feelings I’ve ever felt in my life. As an extrovert, I relish the special moments that I can create and share with a crowded dance floor. No two DJ sets are the same, and that is exactly why I cherish the variance of this art form.

Since my earliest memories, I’ve always dug low frequencies. Bass is usually the most important element in a song for me. I believe that is due to my parents playing a lot of heavy bass influenced music as a youth. Bass forces you to not only hear the song, but to feel it at the same time. For lead vocals, my top 5 singers are Mariah Carey, Sade, Bob Segar, Tom Petty, and Usher. My top 3 DJs include John Summit, Kygo, and Oliver Heldens. My top 3 genres of music to listen to in my day to day life are Classical, Pop, and House.

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