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Meet Jacobson!

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About Jacobson

My DJ Background

What I Love About DJing

My Favorite Music

In 2020, shows and events were shut down. As a lover of live music, I decided to start learning about the art of DJing. Bringing my friends together, I would host parties and campouts where I would practice and play music for them with my beginner gear. Fast forward 3 years later, with the skills I had acquired I started to take DJing to the next level and performing live at bars and local events. This, along with my love for electronic dance music, allowed me to level up my DJing hobby into a career and I began producing my own music. I have performed live in Portland, Eugene and Corvallis, at venues such as the WOW Hall and The North Warehouse, opening and playing alongside popular global DJ/Producers such as Marauda and Bear Grillz. I now use the skills I've acquired in the music industry, both performing and organizing, to bring the same level of skill and professionalism to all types of events.

To me, DJing is an art, and your gear are your instruments. Being able to share my passion for music, connecting with the crowd, and creating unforgettable experiences through music is what drives me to continue to pursue and level up my DJing career. I love being able to offer unique, exciting, and engaging moments for my clients, organizers, and of course the guests who attend.

With an affinity for electronic dance music, I appreciate and love all types of music, spanning a wide variety of genres from the last 100 years. As a producer, I create bass music you can bang your head to and enjoy. But as a DJ, I love to incorporate all genres of music, helping create unique mixes which can bring everyone together on the dance floor.

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