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Meet Colin!

DJ Colin Video Interview





About Colin

My DJ Background

What I Love About DJing

My Favorite Music

I started my DJ career with Event Team Entertainment in 2017. I am the youngest DJ on the team and I actually share a birthday
with Shawn, the owner of Event Team Entertainment. I took part in 100+ events in my role as an Associate DJ in training. I have been the DJ for many different types of celebrations, but specialize in Weddings.

I have a huge love for music and technology. I love watching an audience and being able to find the right track for the right moment. I listen to music in my daily life and love being able to put together a set that matches the guests at the celebration. I immediately fell in love with the energy required to bring a group of people together and and celebrating. I like to DJ with whatever music my clients love, but my favorite is definitely anything high energy!

I love a little bit of all types of different music. I especially enjoy multi-generational hits that everyone from grandkids to grandparents can enjoy listening and dancing to. I get to be selective at home and I will typically choose some great EDM with fantastic beats and energy. I love to sit back and enjoy some Tropical House as well.

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