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Emcee Workshop

by: Shawn Whittemore

Back on October 18th, 2007 I had the pleasure of attending a MarBecca Workshop. It featured Mark & Rebecca Ferrell who are former DJ/Entertainers and now full time DJ Advocates. They travel the country teaching other DJ/Entertainers the skills they used to create a demand for their talent. They were once the most sought out DJ/Entertainers in the LA area often commanding 3 times what other DJ/Entertainers were receiving in their market. 

We were tested and analyzed on our skills as a Master of Ceremonies and realized how challenging it is to be a truly talented Emcee.  We were shown many different techniques to improve our performance and better understand the role we play at Weddings.  The workshop showed me that you can never be prepared, practiced or polished enough.  We can always improve and we should constantly seek out ways to develop new skills.

Thank you Mark & Rebecca!

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